Ludwin Monz

Dr. Ludwin Monz

Member of the Executive Board Carl Zeiss AG and President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Jena

Dr. Ludwin Monz, born in 1963, has been President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG since March 2010. Additionally, he has been appointed as a Member of the Executive Board of Carl Zeiss AG effective 1 January 2014. Monz started his career at Zeiss as a research scientist in 1994. He quickly advanced within the ZEISS organization, starting as Head of Geodetic Systems Product Development, before being made general manager for this division. He then joined the medical business group of ZEISS in 2000 where he was initially responsible for the development of products for microsurgery. For over six years, he headed the business unit “Microsurgery”, which provides visualization systems and microsurgical workplaces for doctors in neurosurgery, ENT surgery and dentistry. From 2008 to 2010, Monz headed the Ophthalmic Systems strategic business unit, which offers a broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapy products for ophthalmology, e.g. in diagnostics, cataract surgery, and refractive surgery. Monz studied physics, owns a PhD from the University of Mainz and spend one year researching at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, USA. He obtained an MBA from Henley Management College in the U.K. Monz' enthusiasm for science and technology combined with his interest in medical applications pays dividends in his work. He has a passion for outdoor pursuits and is a photography enthusiast.