Holger Lubatschowski

Prof. Dr. habil. Holger Lubatschowski

General Manager, Rowiak GmbH, Hannover

Holger Lubatschowski has studied physics at the University of Bonn, Germany. After his PhD he moved to Hanover and became Head of Medical Laser Group at the Laser Centre Hanover. In 2001 he completed his postdoctoral lecture qualification for physics at the physics faculty of the University of Hanover and became assistant professor. Since then Dr Lubatschowski was heading the department of 'Biomedical Optics' at the LZH. Here he acquired expertise in laser processing of biological tissue which is demonstrated by more than 200 scientific publications in the area of laser medicine and laser-tissue interaction in leading scientific journals. Since 2010 Dr. Lubatschowski left the LZH and concentrates his work on his own company ROWIAK GmbH which he has founded in 2003. ROWIAK is a spin-off from the LZH and develops and produces ultrafast laser systems for ophthalmic surgery.