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The Laser Technology and Photonics Division has been one of the main pillars in the Faculty of Technology for more than two decades at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. High-performing and research-intensive working groups have been established at the Institute for Laser and Optics. A substantial amount of third-party funding as well as university-internal funding are expanding the excellent equipment yielding research and development at a high level. Scientific work groups and research activities are implemented in the international Bachelor and Master study courses Engineering Physics. These courses are offered jointly by UAS Emden/Leer and the University of Oldenburg since 1998 and proved to be extremely attractive by more than 1000 graduates from as of now 66 nations worldwide. Fundamental science and application-oriented research being the strengths at U Oldenburg and UAS Emden/Leer are particularly interconnected.

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Portrait Struve
Laser device development and beam guidance
image of a laser
Prof. Dr. Bert Struve

Portrait Schüning
Industrial laser material processing
laser material processing
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schüning

Portrait Neu
Lasers in medicine, microscopy, and analytics
lasers in medicine, microscopy and analytics
Prof. Dr. Walter Neu

no portrait available
Laser microtechnology / Ultrashort time optics
laser mikrotechnology
Prof. Dr. habil. Ulrich Teubner

portrait Brückner
Integrated optics / Optical communication
integrated optics
Prof. Dr. Hans Josef Brückner
Hyperpod Uni Oldenburg and UAS Emden Leer
Hyperloop Pod Competition